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About Us

We are a creative community giving ourselves the space to respond to our experiences of power abuse within creative communities in Ireland, free of stigma or judgement. 

Power abuse in the creative arts in Ireland is systemic, secretive and toxic. It continues to push people out of hobbies they enjoy and careers they love. It isolates people from one another. It supports gender-based abuse and discrimination in our venues and in our art. 

The Reclaim Project is a community space where we can create art that responds to our experiences, our dreams and our stories. We want to create spaces where people can express their experiences through various creative mediums, knowing that they aren't the only one who's been through power abuse in the arts. We want to build an intersectional and explorative community of people who can relate to these experiences, and we want to join forces with those seeking change within the creative arts. 


Molly Sterling, Founder

Molly's direct experience with abuse in the music industry is what lead to the creation of The Reclaim Project. Molly wanted to take action on how the catharsis and autonomy of their creativity was tainted by this abuse. That began their search for a community of gender minorities and women with the desire of reclaiming their creative practice and sense of self after abuse in the arts, through arts projects and community gatherings.  ⁠

In January 2022, Molly co-organised the event 'What Needs to Change? Preventing Male Violence Against Women' with friend and fellow activist Ruairí McKiernan in collaboration with Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.
Since then, Molly has been part of a collaborative project with Creativity & Change, Sexual Violence Centre Cork and MTU Crawford called 'We Remember - Cultural Reprisals Against Gender Based Violence' commemorating those who have died by gender based violence. 

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